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Fear… everybody has felt fear at some time in their lives, fear of certain things and people. A normal response of fear is triggered by something that other people can fully understand to be a cause of fear. If this cause is removed, then the feeling of fear disappears with it. By contrast, a phobia typically is a continuous condition with no apparent cause. People suffering from a phobia are severely limited in their daily activities. The main symptom of a phobia is a feeling of fear, but this can also be accompanied by psychosomatic symptoms such as a racing heart, trembling, restlessness, difficulties in swallowing, suffocating sensations, failures of perception and thought, urge to pass water, diarrhoea and nausea. Phobics may experience veritable attacks of panic for no apparent reason. In some patients, the state of fear can become chronic.

About 17 per cent of the population suffer from states of fear or anxiety. According to experts, this percentage will double in the next 25 years, owing to causes of a personal nature, but also to political, religious, social and cultural problems.

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Posted at June 11, 2003 02:01 PM